Hard Numbers on Wine Grapes



I am back and here to share a little bit of hard data with you regarding your new favorite fruit, the wine grape.

According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), grapes in general are California’s third most profitable crop, gaining a return of approximately $4.95 billion per year.  In addition, according to the CDFA,”Significantly, California is the nation’s sole exporter of many agricultural commodities, supplying 99 percent or more of the following: almonds, artichokes, dates, dried plums, figs, garlic, kiwifruit, olives and olive oil, pistachios, raisins, table grapes, and walnuts.”  Though table grapes are not the same variety as wine grapes, this quote speaks to California’s successful production as a whole, especially regarding its share of production in comparison to the rest of the United States.

The 2015 CDFA Crop Report produced a great deal of valuable information regarding grape production in California.   As far as production growth, wine grapes specifically have grown from producing 3,176,000 tons in 2006 to 3,705,000 tons in 2015.  Wine grape acreage has also increased significantly from 480,000 acres in 2006 to 560,000 acres in 2015.  Wine grape value has increased from $1,848,288,000 in 2006 to $2,515,695 in 2015.  These jumps in production, acreage, and value are direct results of California grape farmers implementing  new technologies and working to produce the best quality products possible.

For more information regarding different varieties of wine grapes in California, and their respective shares of overall production levels, visit the CDFA “Planting Seeds” Blog:


In addition, if you are curious to get a glimpse at one of the most successful wineries in California, or just at California wine-making in general, watch this video on an Anderson Valley Estate Vineyard and Winery; I found it interesting!


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more with you next week!




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